Want more Faster?
Want more Variety?
Want more Value?
Want more customizing?

We have prepared the "FACTORY HOUSE" for you.
Do you know Korean apparel production system?
There is an attractive market where apparel design, production and distribution take place quickly.
From now on, you can use the market and the system.

  1. 1. Customizing

    IF you like the design, did not you give up the buying because you can’t adjust the size specification?
    Now it is not necessary.
    Select the desired design from FACTORY HOUSE and let us know your desired size specification. Please check the sample yourself. This course is now available online.

  2. 2. Variety

    Once the buying season begins, your own design, reflecting recent season trends, will be produced in more than 5 styles per company per week.
    Is it possible in other markets?
    We do that in three days.
    If you do not want to miss, check FACTORY HOUSE with your eyes every week.

  3. 3. Speed

    If you confirm the order and receive the goods in less than 2 weeks, would you believe it?
    We can design, produce and distribute in one place.
    If you think so, you're already ordering in FACTORY HOUSE.

  4. 4. Value

    Are you looking for a good value product?
    Look at the products of FACTORY HOUSE. Price, Design, Quality There is something you like. If you think you have good products every week, we will be your good business partner.

We are here to help you make your business more attractive at FACTORY HOUSE.

Thank you.